Welcome to Bruford & Carr

Repairs & Remodelling

At Bruford & Carr, we have an extensive team of skilled craftsmen working to ensure the timely refurbishment of most precious jewellery items. Our services include; cleaning, polishing, re-sizing, checking the security of gemstone settings, re-tipping claws and bespoke alterations.

Most insurers insist that jewellery is checked on a regular basis for wear and tear to settings, which may jeopardise the security of gemstones. Bruford & Carr is delighted to provide this service as part of an ongoing maintenance program for your jewellery. We recommend that claws are checked on all settings at least once every year. Please see in-store for further details.

Our remodelling service is especially popular. Typically this will involve the adaptation of an unworn piece, such as the conversion of a brooch to become a pendant or necklace centre-piece, or the re-setting of significant gemstones within a new design. This practice of refashioning jewels for the next generation can be seen throughout history and gives a new lease of life to important sentimental jewellery elements to be reimagined for contemporary wear.