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Bruford & Carr offers jewellery valuations for the purposes of insurance, probate and resale. Schedules are meticulously prepared and include photographic images alongside detailed descriptions and up-to-date market values. The Bruford & Carr team includes certified gemologists and diamond graders with the requisite skills to ensure the accuracy of stone type, size, weights, qualities, and values. Insurance appraisals are vital .

An insurance appraisal describes individual pieces along with a photograph and assigns replacement values that reflect current retail values. Up to date insurance valuations are vital in in case jewellery is damaged, lost or stolen, to help guarantee a fair reimbursement for the item subject to claim. 

Probate appraisals involve valuing items from an estate for tax purposes. All jewellery items are described in similar written detail, however the value ascribed reflects the immediate second hand resale value as opposed to the much higher retail replacement value.

As part of its standard service, Bruford & Carr photographs items for ease of reference. This can be invaluable in the event of future claims and replacement. Insurance cover can be arranged for customers in store. 

Our charges for this service are 1% of the total value for insurance valuations and 1.5% for probate valuations subject to a minimum charge of £75 per item.

For revaluations, which we recommend are carried out at least every five years to keep insured sums up to date, the charge is only 1% of the difference between the prior and updated figures subject to a minimum charge of £150 to produce the revised schedule.

Please note that valuation fees are subject to VAT.

If you wish to make an appointment to have our specialists value your jewellery for insurance, probate or disposal purposes, please phone: 0207 629 4289.

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